5 Little-know Driving Tips That Could Save Your Life

1. Pay More Attention to Traffic Than Road Signs: Don’t ignore stoplights and road signs, but you shouldn’t rely on them to make every decision for you either. Pay attention to the other drivers on the road.

2. Always Have Your Headlights On: You can reduce your risk of being involved in an accident by up to 32 percent simply by driving with your headlights on at all times.

3. Your Parking Break Stops Working if You Don’t Use It Regularly: Steel cables often rust and corrode, particularly after long periods of disuse. The way parking brake cables are designed, if you don’t engage the brake every so often, the corrosion builds up and will cause it to fall apart.

4. Don’t Brake During a Blowout: Instead give the car just enough speed to stay in control and then gently let your foot off the gas, turning into the blown tire.

5. Don’t Have Your Car Visible Anywhere in Your Mirrors: Blind spots can be put into full view of your side mirrors when adjusted to contain no part of your own car. Angle them away from you until the point where your car is no longer visible in either one.

Drive safely friends!


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